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More than ten years ago, I started this site to collect links to the best information on treatments for

  • Chemical sensitivity / chemical injury
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Any definite and specific treatments are currently unknown or investigational, so generally these treatments are non-specific and have partial results at best.

It's impossible to be complete, so please consider this just one source biased by my interests and limitations.

Right now there are many exciting developments in the research for treatments for ME/CFS. Unfortunately, the study of chemical sensitivity languishes.

All the opinions in the linked material are their own. This site is for educational purposes only, as stated in the Terms of Use below. Nothing on this site constitutes medical advice. Always see a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Environmental Illness

Environmental illness is characterized by poisoning that affects the nervous system and the immune system. It is chemical injury and toxic encephalopathy, typically caused by solvent poisoning, pesticide poisoning, or heavy metal poisoning.

One consequence can be chemical sensitivity.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity   Updated 11/12/2018

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is succinctly described by Maryann Spurgin (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Society of America) as "exercise intolerance, post-exertional muscle weakness, generalized weakness, faintness, and pain; and post-exertional relapsing of symptoms."

Is chronic fatigue syndrome an environmental illness? A common factor between environmental illness and chronic fatigue syndrome is immune dysfunction: immune sensitization, immune deficiency, subtle autoimmune signs, and/or obvious autoimmune signs.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) -- main page  Updated 3/13/2020

Additional CFS pages:

Definition  Updated 1/29/2017

Exercise Studies  Updated 6/17/2017

Immune Dysfunction  Updated 1/29/2017

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Information Sites  Updated 10/14/2018

The End ME/CFS Project is a search for biomarkers and treatments conducted by leading researchers, who include three Nobel laureates and six National Academy of Sciences members.

This is the best opportunity for a breakthrough since CFS was first identified.

Open Medicine Foundation End ME/CFS Project   Updated 3/22/2017

The Truth About DNRS Brain "Training"

Conscience demands that I post

The Truth About Annie Hopper and DNRS Brain "Training" Posted 3/23/2019; minor revisions 9/15/2019

Does DNRS "work"? We don't know, because participants are instructed to report "recovery" whether they are "recovered" or not.

I do not believe it is a treatment or cure for MCS or CFS. Nor can it legally represent itself as a "treatment" or "cure," hence it calls itself a "training program." I do not even believe it is a form of brain training as the term is usually understood.


Current treatments involve nutrition, avoidance / elimination of toxins, avoidance of exertion (in CFS) and improved metabolism.


Undenatured Whey
Intracellular glutathione deficiency may be the culprit in chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. Undenatured whey provides the precursor nutrients for intracellular glutathione.
Updated 11/8/2018

Neural Sensitization Protocol
The work by biochemist Dr.Martin Pall, PhD on reversing neural sensitization is a breakthrough in explanation and treatment. His work identifies these illnesses and others as examples of a new disease paradigm.
Updated 2/24/2019

Mitochondrial Dysfunction Treatments
Mitochondrial dysfunction is the likely cause of many chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. It can affect every cell of the body, including the cells of the heart. Treating mitochondrial dysfunction improves all forms of cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Updated 1/27/2017

Detoxification Metabolism
Phase I / Phase II, Methylation, Glutathione, Sulfation, Aldehyde Detoxification
Metabolic defects in the body's ability to process toxins play a role in environmental illness. Many defects, whether genetic or environmental, are treatable.
Updated 6/29/2009

Oxygen Therapy
Hypoxia is involved in environmental illness and migraine.
Updated 5/18/2022


Chemical Avoidance
There is no substitute for avoiding substances that provoke a neurological or immune response.
Updated 1/14/2020

Excitotoxin Avoidance: MSG, Aspartame, Food Additives
MSG is creating a nation of obesity, chemical sensitivity, restaurant coronaries, cancer patients, dementia, and progressive neurological disease.
Updated 11/8/2018

Mold produces mycotoxins in the air and in food.
Updated 10/5/2015

Gluten Avoidance
Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity affect the immune system and cause autoimmune disease.
Updated 12/1/2019


Vitamin D
Most Americans are deficient or low in Vitamin D. Yet Vitamin D supplementation, now promoted by the Canadian Cancer Society, could prevent up to 75% of cancers. Vitamin D deficiency causes chronic pain and affects immune function.
Updated 1/20/2020

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 has often been used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illness.
Updated 3/13/2020

Vitamin A
Vitamin A deficiency and disruption may be an important element of environmental illness.
Updated 7/26/2010

Vitamin K2
Vitamin K2 is Weston Price's "Activator X."
Updated 7/18/2012

B Vitamins
The relationship between B vitamin metabolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chemical sensitivities.
Updated 11/12/2018


Treatments: Links to Sites
Sites concerned with non-drug treatments.
Updated 9/6/2016

Toxic Agents and Conditions

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Cancer  Updated 3/22/2012

Dental Mercury  Updated 4/15/2013

Genetically Engineered Food  Updated 3/21/2015

Vaccines  Updated 3/13/2020

Autism   Updated 3/23/2019

Silicone Implant Associated Syndrome   Updated 5/15/2017


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