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B Vitamins

I will be adding links suggesting the relationship between B vitamin metabolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chemical sensitivities.

I do not know if the immune system interferes with B metabolism, but the following article contains other interesting points:

When B Vitamin Metabolism Goes Wrong
March 22, 2010 by ImmuneMatrix LLC

B1 Thiamine

Deficiency: beri-beri

Lyme Disease and Mitochondrial Disorders
by Melody O'Beau
The author has a mitochondrial disease involving B1 deficiency. Information on functional B1 testing.

High Dose Thiamine Improves Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
BMJ Case Reports, 2013

High Dose Thiamine Improves the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
BMJ Case Reports, 2013

B2 Riboflavin

B3 Niacin

Also: nicotinic acid, niacinamide, NADH

Deficiency: pellagra

Could Chronic Niacin Deficiency Be a Root Cause of Increase in "Deranged" Violent Crimes?
Dr. Andrew Saul interviewed at

B5 Pantothenic Acid

Pantethine: Boost Your Brain, Cardio Health, Metabolism, and Detoxification
by Byron Richards, Wellness Resources, February 29, 2012

B6 Pyridoxine

B9 Folic Acid


Vitamin B12




PABA Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

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