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Oxygen Therapy

Hypoxia is involved in environmental illness and migraine.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Paul R. Cheney, MD

Dr. Paul Cheney, now deceased, once used oxygen treatments for patients but came to the conclusion that oxygen toxicity is the fundamental problem in ME/CFS.

Dr. Cheney Goes His Own Way: the Virginia 2009 Lecture
by Cort Johnson, Bringing the Heat: An ME/CFS Blog

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Albert Donnay

Albert Donnay, MS, MHS, identifies a MUSES syndrome, overlapping with MCS and other conditions, that is caused by the long-term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Albert Donnay (personal communication, May 18, 2022) says, "I no longer recommend oxygen therapy for people with MCS (although it feels good) because the line between helpful and harmful is too thin. The higher the concentration of oxygen people inhale, the higher the concentration of carbon monoxide they make in response."

Further information will be forthcoming.

MCS Referral & Resources

Biomarkers of MCS and MUSES Syndrome

Resources for Patients and Physicians

Protocol for the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of CO Poisoning (PDF)


Books on Oxygen Therapy

Chemical Sensitivity and Dr. William Rea

American Environmental Health Foundation

Book: Chemical Sensitivity: Tools, Diagnosis and Method of Treatment, Volume IV
by Dr. William J. Rea, MD


Oxygen Therapy
by Dr. George H. Sands, MD, October 25, 2007

As If the Damn Headache Wasn't Bad Enough
by Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD, On the Brain blog, May 15, 2007

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