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Undenatured Whey

Intracelluar glutathione deficiency may be the primary culprit in chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. (See also Detoxification Metabolism: Glutathione.)

Undenatured whey, an extract of raw milk created in a low temperature process, provides the precursor nutrients that enable the body to produce its own glutathione within its cells.

Dr. Paul Cheney, MD

Dr.Paul Cheney, MD has used undenatured whey to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivities.

Caution: Although Dr. Cheney is quoted as starting patients on two packs per day, CFS and MCS patients should get advice on beginning at a much lower level and increasing slowly. These patients will have issues of mobilized toxins.

Paul Cheney, MD, on Undenatured Whey for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients
by Carol Sieverling

Paul Cheney on ImmununoPro
by Carol Sieverling

Note: Dr. Cheney has since changed his thinking on undenatured whey, believing it can be harmful to CFS patients.

Dr. Cheney Goes His Own Way: the Virginia 2009 Lecture
by Cort Johnson, May 2, 2009

Rich Van Konynenburg disagrees (see comments to the above post and the Forum Post under ImmunoPro below on this page).

Brands of Undenatured and Nondenatured Whey


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