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Resources about environmental illness and non-drug treatments


Autism shares some characteristics with environmental illness. In fact, it appears that autism is environmental illness with developmental consequences. 

Biomedical treatments for autism address metabolic problems, brain damage, and poisoning, with methods similar or identical to non-drug treatments for environmental illness. Treatment experience of one condition can illuminate treatment of the other. Thus, many links on this site's treatment pages refer to autism as well as to environmental illness.


Age of Autism: Daily Web Newspaper of the Autism Epidemic

Autism Investigated


Autism Can Be Treated
by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD and Elissa Meininger,, November 13, 2007
An excellent overview of evidence for the biochemical nature of autism and of available treatments, with many links.

Autism Research Institute
The non-profit Autism Research Institute is the source of the Defeat Autism Now! protocols and approaches to treatment.

Throwing Children Into Oncoming Traffic: The Truth About Autism
by Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD with Anne McElroy Dachel

Mercury In Vaccines As A Cause of Autism

Book: Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy
by David Kirby

Review of Evidence of Harm
by Heidi Boudro,

Thimerosal In Vaccines, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
See Table 3: Thimerosal Content in Currently Manufactured U.S. Licensed Vaccines

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