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Chemical Avoidance

To recover or prevent the worsening of environmental illnes, there is no substitute for avoiding substances that provoke a neurological or immune response.

Dr. William Rea, MD, et al., states in Considerations for the Diagnosis of Chemical Sensitivity , "The cornerstone of treatment for chemical sensitivity is avoidance. This will decrease total body burden, allowing recovery of the overtaxed detoxification systems."

Chemical Sensitivity

Twelve Golden Slow Down the Progression of MCS
by Rabin Prusty
Guidelines by Rabin Prusty emphasize that every reaction, or instance in which the immune system is provoked, inexorably worsens MCS and causes its progression.

Dr. Grace Ziem, MD's (see Neural Sensitization Protocol) instructions on environmental controls:

Environmental Controls

Exposure Control

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Immune or neurological response to chemicals likely plays a role in chronic fatigue syndrome. Most persons with chronic fatigue syndrome are also chemically sensitive to some degree.

Management of Chemical Sensitivities in CFIDS
by Jim Leroy

Updated 11/9/2008